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About VUT


Creative collaboration is the key to innovative music business.

Who we are:

The Verband unabhängiger Musikunternehmen e.V, (VUT – Association of Independent Music Companies) represents the interests of small and medium sized enterprises (SME’s) in the German music industry. Its members are made up of around 1,300 labels, publishers and distributors, as well as self-promoting artists. Overall, independent music companies account for a market share of more than 35 percent of the music recordings used. With respect to the entire German music industry, almost 60 percent of total revenue comes from independent music companies. Characteristic of our members are the collaborative relationships with their artists and their willingness to innovate.

As an association, the VUT is committed to the interests of the independent music industry, whose core are its musicians and authors, at German, European and international level. As a service provider, the VUT offers its members a wide range of consulting, information and other services. These include membership and legal advice, education and training events, the conclusion of framework agreements and regular industry newsletters.

In addition, the VUT provides a contribution to accompanying and supporting young talents on their way into the world of the music industry with its practical advice. The Association annually awards the VIA! VUT lndie Awards, the first and only independent music industry critics’ awards to honour outstanding talent and to showcase the cultural diversity of small and medium sized music companies. Furthermore, since 2013 it has regularly held the VUT lndie Days, Germany's largest platform for recorded music. The Indie Days are the central meeting point for independent music companies from Germany and abroad and their artists.

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As a VUT-member you will enjoy the following benefits: shared know-how about the international music market, solutions to specific business problems, legal assistance, a framework agreement with the German royalty-collecting agency Gema, networking opportunities, educational information, advanced training and advice for start-ups, discounts at trade fairs and much more.


1. Reach framework agreements with institutions and services

2. Influence public opinion on the value of independent music

3. Create a workable and fair digital market

4. Work for legal and political change regarding the music industry

5. Expand know-how and business skills

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