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Die VUT Indie Days-Panelist_innen: Charlie Phillips

Damit Ihr mehr über die Panelist_innen der VUT Indie Days, die im Rahmen der Berlin Music Week vom 3. bis 5. September 2014 im Postbahnhof in Berlin stattfinden, erfahrt, haben wir sie gebeten, uns ein paar Fragen zu beantworten.

Charlie Phillips is Head of Legal and Commercial Affairs for the Worldwide Independent Network (‘WIN’), based within the UK’s Association of Independent Music (AIM) in London. He will participate in the panel "Legal Update 2014 - Urheberrecht, Quo Vadis?".

We asked him several questions about Berlin, music and the independent sector.

This year Berlin Music Week focuses on the topics of MUSIC RELEASED. What do you associate with this title?

That the independent sector is pushing for a music industry in which all music companies can operate free from the restrictions imposed by old fashioned companies more concerned with managing their own decline than the music itself.

Where do you see the independent sector in five years from now?

In an even stronger position than it is today, particularly as independent companies further understand the long term benefits of remaining independent.

What is the advantage/key to success of independent companies in your opinion?

Genuine commitment to their artists and a deep understanding of their label's repertoire, rights and other aspects of their business. This can't happen in huge companies where staff and catalogue come and go.

What are the current challenges for independent companies? And how can they meet those challenges?

Market concentration, not only among other music companies, but among certain players in the technology sector who now effectively control the digital market for music.

There is so much great music out there – what is your way of discovering new tunes?

Other than music I get from friends in the industy, I use blogs and Spotify to find new stuff - but I still buy downloads and even CDs for things I want a 'proper' copy of.

If you have been to Berlin before: Which was your favorite spot in the city?

Checkpoint Charlie - nice of them to name it after me!!
Berlin is a fascinating place generally, with reminders of its extremely eventful history (ancient and modern) wherever you look.

Thank you for the interview, Charlie!

Das Interview findet Ihr auch bald auf dem Blog der Berlin Music Week:

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