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Wir präsentieren: Die VUT Indie Days-Panelist_innen

Damit Ihr mehr über die Panelist_innen der VUT Indie Days, die im Rahmen der Berlin Music Week vom 3. bis 5. September 2014 im Postbahnhof in Berlin stattfinden, erfahrt, haben wir sie gebeten, uns ein paar Fragen zu beantworten.

Sonja Eismann, Chefredaktion und Mitgründerin des Missy Magazines, die das Panel “Revolution Girl Style Now! (Bikini Kill) – How To Achieve Diversity In The Music Business” am Donnerstag, den 04. September 2014, bei den VUT Indie Days der Berlin Music Week moderieren wird, hat uns einige Fragen beantwortet:

Foto: Alicia Kassebohm

What are the current challenges for independent companies? And how can they meet those challenges?

Surviving. Hopefully not by exploiting themselves even more.

Vinyl, tape deck and stuff: Which medium evokes a happy association – or even the happiest one? Would you share it with us?

My old tape recorder. After some time, it would only play tapes with a nail holding the demolished “Play” button in place, but, oh, could I listen to those tapes, shared with best friends, endlessly.

There is so much great music out there – what is your way of discovering new tunes?

Relying on the taste of trustworthy sources, and listening to those promo CDs sent to our office that manage to look really interesting.

If you have been to Berlin before: Which was your favorite spot in the city? Which food did you like most – even more than Currywurst?

I love to hang out around lovely but still rough Landwehr Kanal which is close to where I live. And I think the culinary scene that was built up by expats from Italy, Spain, Greece, the US etc. is truly amazing. So many great cookies, such terrific pasta!

Vielen Dank für das Interview, Sonja!

Das Interview findet Ihr auch auf dem Blog der Berlin Music Week:

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