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Grizzly Bear auf NPR - Wovon lebt eine Indie-Band?

Anlässlich der Veröffentlichung ihres neuen Albums "Shields" haben Grizzly Bear auf NPR ein Interview gegeben. Es geht darum, wie eine Indie-Band von ihrer Musik leben kann, um eine Übersättigung des Internets mit neuer Musik, etc

2 Kostproben:

Edward Droste: "You can get a record and legally buy it for sometimes as low as six or seven dollars. I'm like, that is some mozzarella sticks at your local diner. Two years of work making an album, and seven dollars is not a big deal."

Chris Taylor: "Now, an indie band doesn't really make much money selling records, so you have to be on tour a lot. And we're on tour, like, a lot. Talk about connection with your loved ones or your friends or romantic relationships or your family — it's pretty crazy how much we have to be away from home."

"I think the download scenario that we're in the middle of is kind of hopefully still a work in progress and the final model hasn't been realized, because at the moment things like Spotify are actually pretty harmful to musicians. The only people who really benefit is the company Spotify itself and large record labels. Not independent [labels] but, you know, Columbia Records, Sony. So things like Spotify, although they expose people to music, it doesn't really do anything effectively for the band unless that person decides to buy a ticket to your show."

Hier gibt es den verschriftlichten Teil des Interviews.

Hier gibt es das komplette Radio-Interview zu hören.

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