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Independent Music Publishers and Labels Association

Impala (kurz für: Independent Music Publishers and Labels Association) ist ein Verband von über 4.000 europäischen Independent-Labels und -Vertriebsorganisationen mit Sitz in Brüssel, Belgien.
Impala wurde im April 2000 als Non-Profit-Organisation mit dem Ziel gegründet, einen Zweckverband und eine Interessensvertretung von unabhängigen Musikunternehmen in Europa darzustellen.
Der VUT hat einen ständigen Sitz im Vorstand.

Der aktuelle Vorstand:
Jonas Sjostrom, Playground Music Scandinavia / Edel / SOM

Mark Kitcatt, Everlasting Records
Michel Lambot, Co-Chairman of [PIAS] Entertainment Group
Patrick Zelnik, President, Naïve

Executive Chair
Helen Smith, IMPALA

Other Board members
Stephan Bourdoiseau, Wagram
Larry Bringsjord, FONO (Norwegian national association)
Geert De Blaere, BIMA (Belgian national association)
Roger Dorresteijn, Epitaph
Johan Ekelund, Kobalt Music
Christof Ellinghaus, VUT (German national association)
Martin Goldschmidt, Cooking Vinyl
Dag Haeggqvist, Gazell Records
Tapio Korjus, Indieco (Finnish national association)
Cai Leitner, Cosmos Music Group
Martin Mills, Beggars Group
Noemi Planas, UFI (Spanish national association)
Jérôme Roger, UPFI  (French national association) 
Francesca Trainini, PMI  (Italian national association)
Marcus Turner, CNR Entertainment
Robin Van Beek, 8Ball Music
Kees Van Weijen, STOMP (Dutch national association)
Horst Weidenmüller, !K7
Alison Wenham, AIM (UK national association)

Impala's Mission
Impala's Mission is to grow the independent music sector, promote cultural diversity and cultural entrepreneurship, improve political access and modernise the perception of the music industry.

Grow the independent sector
Market concentration reduces commercial opportunity and cultural diversity. Reversal of this trend is vital to close the gap between the majors and the independents. We can only grow through proper regulatory support, market access, real finance, collective action and promotion of independent music.

Promote cultural diversity and entrepreneurship
Music is an excellent example of the world's cultural diversity, and independents have always been at the forefront of promoting this. The economic and regulatory environment must actively foster cultural entrepreneurship and economic diversity.

Improve political access
Smaller businesses do not have the influence of larger companies and often lose out at political level. IMPALA corrects this imbalance as an active single voice for the independent sector.

Modernise the perception of the music industry

By broadening the agenda and offering new solutions to long standing issues, IMPALA aims to promote independent music, inspire decision makers to fulfil their new promises to cultural SMEs and open doors to future investment.

IMPALA’s aims and challenges are to:

- promote independent music in the interests of cultural diversity
- assess market access conditions in the music sector
- review the impact of antitrust rules on competition, consumer choice and industry concentration
- highlight discrimination against small companies by large ones, from inside and outside the music industry
- examine which specific financial support mechanisms are required for the independent music industry
- adopt international trade measures which contribute to upholding cultural diversity
- promote strong but fair copyright protection to fight against unauthorised and illegitimate use of artists works
- Provide promotional, business intelligence and other information and research services to members.
- promote the vital role of music and micro, small and medium sized enterprises in driving Europe's knowledge and innovation economies
- function as a network for members and national associations to enhance cultural and artistic diversity.
- look at possible positive discrimination measures for cultural SMEs.
- the interests of the independents are in many respects different to those of the “majors”, this needs to be recognised, and appropriate actions need to be taken
- study what an effective and properly funded music programme at a European institutional level would consist of;
- research access by independents to emerging markets including the online market place
- study collective licensing;
- examine easier access to capital and grants available under EU cultural and R&D programmes;
- research and defend the principle of adequate copyright protection
- study what is required for a level playing field and fair competition
- promote the innovative and artistic role of the independents

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Independent Music Companies Association (IMPALA)
Coudenberg, 70
1000 Brussels
Phone : +32 2 503 31 38
Fax : +32 2 503 23 91
e-mail :

Impala Geschäftsstelle:

Helen Smith - Executive Chair

Didier Gosset - Membership and Communications Manager

Matthieu Philibert - Public Affairs Manager

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